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YouTubeWala (https://youtubewala.com) provides useful information about how to make money on youtube and how to create a youtube channel, What kind of videos gives more revenue to vloggers and YouTubers. It also covers what type of cameras most of the YouTubers using and how to edit your travel or other vlogging videos.

For any Suggestions and Compliments, please raise a mail to [email protected] We always looking for valuable suggestions and feedbacks. Here are some of the most common doubts and answers to most of people having about Youtube.

Q : Is it possible to make money through YouTube ?
A : Yes, it is possible to make huge money through YouTube.

Q : How Much Money We Can Make From YouTube ?
A : It’s not easy question to answer, Because most of people makes millions and some of getting little money based on their Video views

Q : How YouTube pays money for creators ?
A : YouTube pays based upon CPM (cost per mile ), Which is cost per 1000 impressions. YouTube pays some money for every 1000 AD views.